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This is an anti-psychotropic drug group. Do you feel like you have just woken up from a fog in which your mind crackles, you can't remember a thing, your thinking is totally disorganized and you have alienated and angered nearly everyone you love thanks to your insane behavior? Or have you begun drinking alcohol uncontrollably even though you never drank much at all before? Or have you woken up to realize that you have actually done something that absolutely horrifies you - something you would only do in your worst imaginable nightmare?

Or maybe a loved one has stopped loving you, took no interest in sex or relationships and has become a lethargic shadow of themselves. Or they have suddenly, and completely out of character, taken their own life or someone else's life.

It most likely is a SSRI Medication!

I am Ann Blake-Tracy, the originator and admin for these group forums.

I have specialized in antidepressants for 25 years and head the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (www.drugawareness.org), the oldest group organization in existence which has been warning and educating about antidepressants since the mid 90's and which you are also invited to join.

We have also built a database of documented cases involving antidepressants - most of those criminal in nature as those are reported - and it can be found along with almost every school shooting incident there has been at www.ssristories.NET

I also have been testifying as an expert witness in these cases for 23 years now and have written a large book on the effects of these drugs. I feel that in order to heal from the effects you first need to know how they have produced the damage. So that you are more aware of who I am and what I do I will include a link to my bio here: http://www.drugawareness.org/mission/board/
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ICFDA Help Forum Purpose and Mission Statement

A description of the purpose of the ICFDA Help Forum, also the Forum Rules.
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ICFDA Help Forum Purpose and Mission Statement

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ICFDA Help Forum exists to provide an online home for individuals to associate and discuss Health - this includes a myriad of topics related to the Mental Health, Depression and suicide induced by antidepressants and more.

By participating on ICFDA Help Forum, you agree to abide by the standards/rules of the forum as posted here: http://help.drugawareness.org/viewtopi ... =40&t=1800. All who can abide by these standards are welcome on the forum.

More about the ICFDA Help Forum and its participants

The ICFDA Help Forum is a very active LDS community discussion forum. Participants all over the United States - even Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and beyond. The forum members are patients doctors and others interested in discussing the Mental Health, Depression and suicide induced by antidepressants related topics. There are also many "lurkers" (those who simply enjoy reading the discussions) on the forum.

Frequently discussed topics include: Antidepressant-induced Bizarre behavior, Medication-Induced Murder/Suicide, SSRI Survivor Stories, Serotonergic medications should be illegal, SSRI withdrawal Help/Support, Alternatives & Supplements and much more.

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