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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:50 am
by admin
This is an anti psychotropic drug group. Do you feel like you have just woken up from a fog in which your mind crackles, you can't remember a thing, your thinking is totally disorganized and you have alienated and angered nearly everyone you love thanks to your insane behavior? Or have you begun drinking alcohol uncontrollably even though you never drank much at all before? Or have you woken up to realize that you have actually done something that absolutely horrifies you - something you would only do in your worst imaginable nightmare?

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Welcome to the "Cymbalta (Duloxetine) Should Be Illegal" group which is a group owned by author and the Executive Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness Ann Blake-Tracy. One of Ann's main websites is Ann is also an admin for the group along with Melynda Joy Roberts, Margaret Babcock, and Holly Noble Myers. This group provides information on the dangers of psychotropic drugs and support for tapering off of Cymbalta and information on good nutrition along with vitamins and supplements to help with healing from taking Cymbalta. These are for both before and after getting off of Cymbalta. There are also tips on how to manage withdrawal symptoms better as well as tapering instructions. Please see the files section for more information. Never hesitate to message an moderator or admin if you should need immediate assistance!